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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

GTA SA Thor infinity war Mod

GTA San Andreas Thor infinity war Mod With New Super Powers

Today I will tell you how to install Thor infinity war Mod in GTA San Andreas PC. As you can see so we do not waste our time and lets start that how to do that. So guys first of all go down and there you will found a buttons for downloading. After downloading go to desktop screen, and open the path where you have downloaded it. Right Click On downloaded file and extract it. After extracting it open the folder and copy all the files Then Paste in GTA SA Root Folder. Now Your Mod is Successfully installed, Open You GTA SA Game and enjoy GTA San Andreas Thor infinity war Mod PC With New Super Powers.
thor infinity war mod


  • Cheat 'THORIWON' to become Thor.
  • Cheat 'THORIWOFF' to become CJ again.

  • LMB Regular Attack (High damage)
  • Locked on Target + LMB  Heavy (Attack Higher damage, To weaken strong enemies that have immunities.)
  • CAPSLOCK + R Area Damage (Useful if surrounded by enemies) 
  • Press Shift  jump (The longer you hold the higher the jump)
  • While in Air Press LMB Air Attack (Useful against heles)
  • While in Air Hold LMB Air Attack Combo
  • Hold Shift + Z = "Bring me Thanos!" ???
  • RMB + R To Throw Storm breaker. ([W][A][S][D] to control Storm breaker, It can reach infinite distance. Look at the map to see the Storm breaker's current location)
  • RMB + R (again) = For Storm breaker to return. (If it's too far, you'll just have to wait and it will come back.)
  • SHIFT + C To Fly (Storm breaker must be the current weapon.)
  • While Flying YOUR SPRINT KEY Increase flying speed.
  • While Flying Shift Decrease flying speed.(If to slow you'll stop flying.)
  • While Flying LMB To Activate Combat flight (To inflict damage while flying, effective against planes, hails, other flying objects...)
  • SHIFT To deactivate Combat Flight
  • While Flying + F Stop Flying

WITHOUT WEAPON/OTHER CONTROLS, Same controls as "Thor Raganarok Mod
  • LMB Thor's Normal Attack (must be in Fist, During Running Attack and 3rd punch)
  • CAPSLOCK + R Ground Punch (without weapon)
  • CAPSLOCK + 1 Thunderstruck (without weapon) 
  • CAPSLOCK + 2 Bolt (without weapon)
  • X Thunder Drop (Press and hold while Falling)
  • Shift Glide (Press while Falling)
  • 3 Thunder Strike (thunderstrike peds around you)

So here you will enjoy GTA San Andreas Thor infinity war Mod, We found a lot of comments of our supporters who want this and we made it ready for you. So friends thanks for support keep it more and enjoy the GTA SA game more. We are always available. Also You Can Download More Best Mods For GTA SA, GTA VC, GTA IV, GTA V From our website. Click Here And enjoy Thank you.

Mod File Name: Thor Infinity War new Mod By Hindi Urdu Gaming.zip
Mod For GTA: SA

How to Download
Choose Button below For Downloading This Mod You Can Download From Media fire if You are facing any problem in downloading so Click Here to learn.

Look Here!
For downloading click on below button. I Hope You Understand How You Can Get Mod File.

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  2. We can't download this mod and every mod.

  3. Ok you can download the other version of this game, it will be helpful for everyone. You can also check sonyliv mod apk it will provide you every information about it.

  4. Bro you are really helpful
    but 1 think is not working if we open this website on BRAVE browser it does not show download link But if we open this website in Chrome we can find download option
    But Really thank you
    i only tell you problem

  5. download ka toh option hi nahi hai


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