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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Free Download GTA San Andreas Parking Mod For PC

This Mod Allows you to park any type of transport in different parts of the State of GTA San Andreas forever!


  • While in some vehicle Hold (P) On Keybord and will be displayed confirming the parking of the vehicle.
  • After these steps, you can go somewhere else to go, and then come back to where you parked our VEHICLE and see it on the right place.
  • Mod allows you to park the different VEHICLE in unlimited quantity!
  • After parking the VEHICLE at some kinds of alarm will be installed!
  • The Mod stores all TS when saving games, and after restarting the game, you can see all your saved VEHICLE!

gta sa parking mod

It is important to:
1. The Mod is not working when you manage railway trains and trams, as well as if you control the boats, the mod is not running in the air and on the water!
2. There are bug-if you park any VEHICLE around the House/location, the next time that the games will not see the desired VEHICLE. To view it, you need to run off to some distance and return to the parking place of the TC!

3. Park the VEHICLE can at a certain distance from each other. If you park them close together, continue to be only one VEHICLE from, for example, three!
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  3. bahi p say mobile open hota hay
    or ap nay parking ka bhi p say kia hoa hay
    plese parking kisi or button say karay



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