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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

GTA V Cheat Menu For GTA Sa MOD | GTA San Andreas RZL Trainer

GTA San Andreas RZL Trainer
GTA V Cheat Menu For GTA Sa MOD | GTA San Andreas RZL Trainer

For those who do not know what it is the cheat menu which is often called the trainer for GTA IV or V.

1: Player options
Option of transport
Spawner skin and select the skin
Spawner auto
The choice of the mission
Time setting
The choice of weapons
Customize the weather
And much more

2: Big update
Written 74629 lines of code. The trainer was very stable.
Num Lock must be enabled!

3: Control keys main menu:
F2 - show/hide menu.
numpad 5 right Shift - Selection;
numpad 0, Backspace - Back;
numpad 8, up arrow - Up;
numpad 2, down arrow - Down;
numpad 4, left arrow - Left;
numpad 6, right arrow to the Right.

4: Hotkeys:
atl Q - Airbreak;
Delete - Teleport to the mark;
Go through the door;
J - Get in the nearest car;
Is the instantaneous acceleration;
Instant stop.
6: Added items in the transport menu:
To sit in the nearest car (already has a hot key);
Instant acceleration (already has a hot key);
Instant stop (already has a hot key);
Ability to aim in the car (hold down the RMB);
The ideal management auto;
High jumps on bike;

7: Spawn peds
Appearance (clothes, hairstyle, tattoos);
Added new items in the transport menu:
Added the transport menu (available slot 480);
The ability to input the ID;
View ID while driving (at bottom of menu);
Added menu items teleport:
Go through the door;
Menu interior (teleport to the interior);
Added items in the weapons menu:
Auto-aim/Lock (PKM q/e);
Added weapons menu;
Turn off the replay of F1 and F3 (can be re-enabled in the config RZL-Trainer.ini);
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  4. Please make gta v map mod in 200mb

  5. Thank you Working perfectly bro (^_-)(^_-):-):-)

  6. Bhai actor ko spawn karo to work bhaag ja rahay Hain ab kia Karen


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